30-45 Day Treatment Planner

Here’s a breakdown of what I do:

Welcome to Journey To Recovery! I am a 30-34 Day Residential Treatment Planner, and I’m here to assist you in creating a comprehensive and personalized treatment resources plan for your clients. At Journey To Recovery, created by Dr. Hal Baumchen, we are dedicated to providing effective tools and strategies to support substance abuse counselors in their vital work.

We are going to:

  1. Conduct Initial Assessment of the Client.
  2. Determine and Clarify Treatment goals and objectives and set discharge criteria. Include services such as psychiatry, mental health counseling and Certified Peer Support Services.
  3. Set up homework for each week based on interest, need, and areas of concern.
  4. Use the assessment information to develop the treatment plan and assign worksheets,
    checklists, and structured journal assignments from Journey to Recovery Resource Library.
  5. Create a 10 question Likert scale questionnaire to determine progress in the key areas addressed

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