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It is one of the best tools I have found for Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment Groups. It keeps clients engaged, motivated and empowered to make needed changes. It encompasses chemical health and mental health simultaneously, in a manner that clients can easily follow and participate in.
Robert J. Frost
The people at Journey to Recovery are amazing! The Co-occurring Disorders Workbook - Journeys, is just what I have been looking for. I use it in my co-occurring group and the members think it is wonderful. They enjoy the full color photos, note side bars, and easy to understand information. This workbook is written in layman's terms by Dr. Hal Baumchen. If you want a workbook without all the scholar terminology and definitions, this is the workbook for you.
Michele Scott
This material is simple to understand and makes recovery a positive journey worth fighting for! I feel confident about the quality of these resources!
Betsy Gottsacker
Treatment Consultant,
American Addiction Centers

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Dr. Hal Baumchen discusses Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment while offering helpful tips for those living with both mental health disorders and addiction.  

After all, life’s a journey. Enjoy the ride!

Flint, Michigan-December 30, 2017: Abandoned or bank owned home in Flint, Michigan.

More than a Drug Problem

“Burdens shared are easier to bear.” Jesse Jackson | By the time he was 13, Marcus had bounced in and through a dozen homes, if that’s what you called them, a pattern which was to continue throughout his 42 years. He was smoking…

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