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When One Size Doesn’t Fit

When recently giving gifts to family and friends, I noticed that “one size fits all” rarely fits at all. In finding resources for your treatment center, one size, one shape, and one dimension to manage one disorder, I’ve discovered doesn’t fit either. The complexities of substance use intermixed with mental health disorders requires specialized resources to reach a broad range of clientele.

Get What You Need

Materials at Journey to Recovery are specifically designed to fit the uniqueness’s of our clientele rather than make the clients fit the limited scope of “business as usual” handouts and forms. The broad array of lessons and mental health worksheets cover the wide range of topics necessary for today’s treatment challenges. When you need solutions and strategies for bipolar illness, social anxiety, attention deficit disorder, paranoid thought processes, and many others, you can find it at Journey to Recovery. When it’s time to address low frustration tolerance, worry, or stress, you’ll find comprehensive resources available at your fingertips.

When You Need It

Many clinicians are busier than they have ever been. At times, it is a struggle to find time to research and write new materials. In fact, even preparing a lesson for a group or gathering resources for your sessions can be overwhelming. Now, the professionally prepared resources you need are available when you need them. Simply search our site, purchase, and download the lessons you need.

Get Started Now

It is important to not underestimate the value of having quality materials. The manuals and lessons can all serve as a foundational piece of your treatment curriculum. All Journey to Recovery worksheets provide suggestions and coping strategies for the multitude of co-occurring challenges our clients face. Good treatment requires good resources. In minutes you can have up to date, creative, interesting, and thoughtful solutions for your clients written in a way that is inspiring and easy to understand.

Recovery is a journey. Enjoy the ride!