The Ten Principles of Self-Change

Change word background on wood blocks. Wooden ABC
Change word background on wood blocks. Wooden ABC

The Ten Principles of Self-Change

I have spent my whole life helping people change. Many people in recovery have become mired down in their own negative thinking. Likely your thoughts and resulting actions have taken on a hopeless and despairing outlook. Many people regularly rehearse self-deprecating statements, which are reinforced by repetition.

Transforming Your Life

The selected statements below reveal hope and confidence. They are short proclamations, to be owned and reviewed by you throughout your recovery. It is a process that promotes positive thinking and believing. It is easy to be led by your feelings, become emotionally intense, and be highly reactive.

You may even have a history of significant loss, problems in relationships, or traumatic experiences in your life but you can make progress in your recovery when you stay emotionally balanced and focused on solutions. Repeating positive statements will help strengthen your commitment to staying emotionally healthy.

Examine the change statements below as they point toward a more positive way of living and rehearse them regularly, confident a change in action will follow a change in your mindset.

The Ten Principles of Self-Change

  1. Change is possible. Out of respect for yourself and others, you can change yourself.
  2. The foundation of change is a change in your thinking.
  3. Change is made possible through simple but systematic efforts in a single direction over time.
  4. The will to change can be developed.
  5. The ability to change can be strengthened.
  6. The enemies of change can be identified and minimized.
  7. It is critical to understand the interaction between the environment, circumstances, and your thinking.
  8. Thoughts rule. Perceptions, attitudes, and feelings are influential, but should not be the decision-makers in life.
  9. Healing for psychological pains of the past requires a change in your thinking in the present.
  10. Successful change is inspirational. Motivational momentum can be maximized.

These ten tenets of change are the principles of how recovery can and does occur. In order to be different, meaning feel and act differently, it is necessary to change how you think and what you believe. The place to start of course, is to accept that change is possible.

Change is Possible

Failure to believe this simple truth will keep you locked, blocked, and stuck. Accepting where you are and linking it to your refusal to stay there, becomes a promising foundation to begin your journey of change. As you make changes, both simple and monumental, your recovery will gain momentum. The change you make becomes an inspiration for further growth in yourself and encouragement for others.


Recovery is a journey. Enjoy the ride!