Rewriting Your Script (COD Lesson)

If you were acting in a play, your behavior and lines would be directed by the script. In life, too, you are acting and speaking according to pre-written scripts. We often feel and act in strict accordance with how we see ourselves. If you see yourself as adequate, influential, and valuable you might act more assertively, talk to others freely, and express your opinions openly. If, however, you saw yourself as inadequate and inferior, you might withhold your opinion, avoid others, and be cautious when making new friends. The good news is we can rewrite the old scripts. You are no longer identified by your past mistakes, addictions, or failed relationships. You can reprogram your mind with positive thoughts and affirmations, shake off the old programming, and rewrite your script. This lesson will help you change the way you think and help you accomplish your goals and realize your dreams.

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