Overcoming Learned Helplessness (COD Lesson)

People struggling with substance use disorders, anxiety, and depression frequently complain about feelings of helplessness. They can point to a series of past life circumstances they had no control over. These experiences often include job loss, marital conflict, death of a loved one, infidelity, divorce, a serious accident, illness, or injury. In many of these situations, the person did not have control of the situation or circumstance. Because they had no control over these events, they may believe they were inadequate, incompetent, and powerless. Consequently, they begin to feel helpless. Helplessness and hopelessness may cause you to feel stuck, uncertain, and paralyzed. In this lesson, we will take a careful look at the experience of helplessness and examine ways to overcome these feelings and resulting behaviors. This lesson includes over 30 positive, confidence boosting statements to help increase your initiative, strength, and personal resourcefulness.

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