Worry Will Ruin Your Life

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Worry Will Ruin Your Life

Mental Agony 

Many people carry heavy loads of worry, fear, and anxiety. These issues interfere with emotional stability and can create other serious concerns. Anxiety can cause increased problems with sleep, added depression, relational conflict, occupational difficulties, financial strain, social withdrawal, and alcohol and drug dependency. It is important to manage worry and anxiety before it becomes overwhelming and paralyzing. 

What’s Your Worry? 

Worry is the mental habit of repeating future concerns. People often worry about health, safety, medical conditions, legal problems, financial matters, the unknown future, work stress, the opinions of friends, family, and coworkers, and other possible concerns. You may worry about relationships, your addiction, or housing difficulties. Worry becomes a problem when it invades your life, continues to occupy more time, and makes concerns seem bigger than they really are. 

The Key to Peace 

Because anxiety can creep into our thinking, almost without notice, you must be quick to identify it in its early stages. Worry is often filled with irrational and exaggerated thoughts and feeds on what might go wrong in the future. Ruminating about things you cannot control or fix, will rob you of the ordinary joys of life. The key to a peace-filled mind is to stay focused on the present moment. Solve problems whenever you can and dismiss thoughts about things you cannot control. The more adept you become at self-control instead of stuff-control, the more peaceful your life will become. 

Recovery is a Journey. Enjoy the Ride!