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Using Difficulties To Become The Kind of Person You Want to Be

Troubles come in every shape and size. Depending on how you define it, trouble may visit uninvited, stay too long, and then stubbornly refuse to leave. If that’s the way it is–if trouble, difficulties, and hardships are commonplace in life then our challenge becomes learning what we can. Is it possible to leverage problems into improvements and develop quality character traits from the painful experiences that come our way? Setbacks along the road can be setups for the next steps in recovery. Although often a very expensive tutor, even relapse can teach a priceless lesson. 

Creating Positive Character Traits

Please remember that the severity of the trauma is not correlated with positive character change, but attitude about the difficulty is. If applied with even a moderate amount of wisdom, difficulties can foster resilience and trying circumstances can establish persistence and clarify your motivation for recovery. Sorrow and heartache can create compassion. The long, hot summer growing season creates a longing for the fall harvest. A long wait in a line you didn’t want to be in can produce patience. Resist the urge to fight, argue, and complain with every delay that comes your way. Learn what you can, using what comes your way, to create a positive attitude. 

Making Progress

Let difficulties form you into the kind of person you always wanted to be, rather than using them to justify becoming the kind of person you always wished you weren’t. 

Recovery is a Journey. Enjoy the Ride!