Treatment Must be Individualized

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Treatment Must be Individualized

Complex Problems 

Co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders are extraordinarily complex. The drug and alcohol addiction is often used to manage the symptoms of a mental health disorder such as calm anxious thoughts or numbing angry and sad feelings. Addiction is used as a way of escape, relax, distract, and dull the pains of life. However, prolonged substance use makes mental health problems worse. Typically, as a substance use disorder intensifies, anxiety, depression, attention problems, memory difficulties, mania, and paranoia all get worse. It creates sleep problems, increases relational difficulties and increases guilt and regret. 

Treatment must be individualized 

Effective treatment, however, must be individualized. It must speak to a client’s own issues and personal patterns. To reduce symptoms and prevent relapse, treatment must specifically target and treat both substance use and mental health disorders at the same time. Our counseling and treatment programs are designed to sharpen skills and develop existing strengths. We work with each client to address the unique mental health and substance use issues and create a personalized recovery plan. 

Getting What is Needed 

Quality treatment helps you get what you need and use what you get. When clients slip or fall, they are helped up and urged to try again. Successful treatment programs and support groups identify individual strengths and resources and leverage them against personal challenges. Motivation is not maintained by punishing failures. Motivation is maintained by reviewing and encouraging accomplishments. 

Recovery is a Journey. Enjoy the Ride!