Tolerating Typical Frustrations

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Tolerating Typical Frustrations

Life is like hockey—you are going to get bumped. Someone on your own team will blindly run into with little concern and no apology. Don’t be shocked or upset if someone pushes you, is inconsiderate, or your move is perceived as a careless action.  “Why not be offended and upset?” the uninformed person asks. Because life is like hockey. Getting bumped is part of the game. Just keep skating. 

Irritations Reveal What You’re made Of

Being jostled and bumped is part of what happens when you play, both in life and hockey. Tolerate the frustrations of life and just keep going. Being needlessly offended only hurts the team. Focusing on how you have been mistreated distracts you from your goal, shifting your attention and siphoning your energy.  As your own character develops, you’ll be increasingly able to overlook offenses, cover over sins, and resist keeping a record of wrongs. Weeds, ants, storms, and the hundreds of other minor irritations do not ruin the quality of your life. Rather, they reveal the depth of your character. 

Enjoying the Pleasures of Life

As you go through treatment and begin a life of recovery, consider how you respond to the small bumps that will come your way. It’s easy to carelessly complain about food, lectures, medicine, counselors, and the treatment center. It’s easy to get angry and strike back. As you get healthier, you’ll be less likely to find and point out every flaw. Instead, hopefully you’ll identify the beauty of nature, the charm of your friends, the wonder of the universe, and appreciate the smile of a child. In the meantime, keep your stick on the ice and keep skating. 

Recovery is a Journey. Enjoy the Ride!