Tolerable Tolerances Verses Wasted Effort

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Tolerable Tolerances Verses Wasted Effort

In many occupations, hobbies, sports, and activities performance is of utmost importance. However, in most situations finding a balance between speed and accuracy is critical. We want to spend the right amount of energy and hit the right target at the right time. 

Intolerable Tolerances 

Being careless and sloppy appears faster at first yet often requires added steps later. Being reckless in words or actions can create hard feelings, cause conflicts, and damage your reputation. With a careless attitude you may appear foolishly irresponsible and uncaring. Remember, cheap pays twice and carelessness often demands added labor to correct a hasty performance. 

Wasted Efforts 

While looking at the paragraph above, it is easy to see that haste makes waste. The solution is to be mindful, careful, exacting, and precise in your actions. However, perfectionism can be a time waster as well. Producing something that is nearly perfect can take an enormous amount of time and effort, often with little noticeable gains. You must be willing to apply yourself and be willing to say, “good enough.” Finished beats perfect because perfect never comes, and the task remains unfinished. 

Tolerable Tolerances 

In a few areas seek to be your best and get it right. In most areas in life, shoot for okay, ordinary, average, standard, usual, and customary. Having tolerance for the imperfections of this world, the shortcomings of yourself, and the flaws of others can reduce the frustrations of life. It takes great wisdom to know when to apply yourself fully and when to let something go. When you find the balance between speed and accuracy you find peace and fulfillment. 

Some people might say this daily insight is too short, but I say it’s good enough. 

Recovery is a Journey. Enjoy the Ride!