Throw Something Overboard

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Throw Something Overboard

Sometimes we get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stressful challenges on our plate. Think about the stressful things in your life and determine if anything can be eliminated. Maybe you are on an organizational committee, babysit a neighbor’s child for free, or host a game night in your home each week. Are you giving rides to friends, spending time and money going across town? Also look for other activities that stress you out such as conflictual relationships. Is it possible to eliminate that stressor, at least temporarily? 

The Ship is Sinking 

The concept of throwing something overboard is interesting to me. Eliminating certain duties and responsibilities will lighten your load and make it possible to manage your life more easily. Imagine a well loaded boat on a great lake or ocean. As a storm pounds the boat, the sailors look for items to throw overboard, eliminating cargo that may drag them down. This is only done in desperate situations. The value of surviving is greater than any item on the boat. The sailors discard payload with little affection for the item and complete regard for life. 

Throwing it Overboard 

That’s the way it is for us as well. We may need to ruthlessly throw things overboard that are dragging us down, threatening recovery or even life itself. Keep in mind a few rules when throwing something overboard. Don’t throw someone else’s golf game, or television time overboard because it drives you crazy. Instead, you need to manage your own load and activities. Cutting the number of responsibilities and duties you have can reduce the stress you feel and stir hope. It will give you the time, energy, money, and other resources you need to manage the precious and important aspects of life and recovery. If you’re drowning, eliminate the thing that’s pulling you to the bottom. 

Recovery is a Journey. Enjoy the Ride!