The Repurposed Life

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The Repurposed Life

Compromised Integrity
Living with an addiction in an addicted lifestyle compromises integrity and changes your direction in life. What had been important to you has slipped away into the ditches on the addiction road. Buying, using, and selling drugs may quickly be at the forefront of someone who has a substance use disorder. He or she is no longer managing life-drugs and alcohol have taken over. In fact, it might be fair to say that, finding, obtaining, and using have become a way of life and have sadly become one’s purpose.

Reusing the Old and Worn
It has become popular to repurpose worn out, broken items into something that is again useable. Some interesting examples include turning an old ladder into a bookshelf, using tennis racket frames for mirrors, and creating an aquarium from an old TV. But this is not about reusing old stuff from your house or garage; rather it’s about finding a fresh purpose for your life.

Finding Your Purpose
With drug and alcohol addiction growing weaker, you are free to spend time and energy differently. You can apply yourself to other interests and find new purpose in life. No longer are you a slave to addiction. You have an opportunity to rethink what is important to you. Perhaps you’d like to work full time, raise your own children, finish school or develop a relationship. Maybe you’d make a good chemical dependency counselor, repurposing the addiction of the past into a valued asset, an inspiration for others moving forward. Yours is not a life to be discarded but rather repurposed and invested to help someone else on their journey.

Recovery is a journey. Enjoy the ride!