The Best Treatment Program in the World

The Best Treatment Program in the World

The best treatment is the one you get the most from. It’s not the treatment center that has the best staff, or the one with the shortest program. It’s not the center with the best cook and the best food. The best treatment is the one that does the most to reduce symptoms of mental health and substance use disorders and helps you prevent relapse. That happens as you work the program and it happens in direct correlation with how hard you work. Simply stated, the best treatment program in the world is the one where you work the hardest. 

What We Do 

Our job in the treatment center is to get the client to work hard, but not by demanding or commanding, because all too often those tactics bring resistance and defiance. Instead, we motivate, encourage and support. We work in groups with the weaker ones being extended a helping hand by the stronger ones. We inspire participants with stories of success. We supply structure which is often lacking as an addiction gains ground. We teach skills–skills to regulate emotions, skills to communicate, skills to resolve conflict, skills to resist temptation and prevent relapse. 

What You Do 

To make progress, we expect self-examination, an honest appraisal of strengths and weakness. We expect changes in the way you think and believe and to come to terms with denial and self-deception. We anticipate you will take feedback,  that you will listen to advice from others, and receive encouragement as it comes. We want you to make headway in your social life, occupation, education, finances, housing and in your health. But the biggest gains we ask for are changes in character. We want you to become more honest, patient, respectful, and responsible. 

Moving Forward in Hope 

We identify what works and we applaud the person who thoroughly works the program. It isn’t what I believe, think, or resist. It is what you believe, what you think, and what temptations you resist that makes a difference. All these things working together form the most fundamental and important element in treatment–hope. Your hard work, expertly guided, results in the belief and hope that better days lie ahead. 

Recovery is a Journey. Enjoy the Ride!