The Amazing Power of Collaboration

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The Amazing Power of Collaboration

Defining Compromise 

Compromise and collaboration are two similar sounding terms yet have an important difference. If I say six, and you say ten, a compromise in this little illustration would be eight. In the strictest sense of the word, we have set up a lose-lose scenario. I did not get completely what I wanted, and you didn’t get what you wanted. 

Defining Collaboration 

Collaboration is different and yet can often start the same way. I say six, and you say ten. Then we talk about why I said “six” and why you thought the way you did. We reach an agreement rather than a compromise. Once you had a chance to explain things, I’m glad to join you in saying “ten.” Because of the collaborative effort, we both feel like we won. Collaboration is the effort of both parties working to achieve maximum benefit for everyone. It is filled with teamwork, equal participation, and joint effort. It is not compromise but is instead finding the cooperative middle ground and an acceptable solution for each person. As you experiment with understanding collaboration, you will reduce the pressure to win or be right and achieve a stronger working relationship with others. 

Win-Win Scenarios 

Learning to collaborate sets up win-win scenarios. Too many people are more interested in a win-lose scenario even though it often damages the relationship. Collaboration pulls strengths from all parties and creates an ally rather than an opponent. It’s a way to value the opinion of others and further develop solid partnerships and willing teammates. 

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