Surviving a Near-Death Experience

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Surviving a Near-Death Experience

What’s Your Story? 

Everyone has a story and people often have tragic chapters that make their stories unique. Many of my clients in treatment describe near-death experiences. These all-but-fatal events include overdose, car accidents, violent fights and threats, gun violence, falls, heart attacks, illnesses, and many others. I want to discuss how these events impact people and can become an important and foundational building block for the rest of life. 

Hit By a Drunk Driver 

I too, had one of these life defining events. For me it was surviving a head-on collision, hit by a drunk driver when I was 19 years old. The driver in the other vehicle was in the west bound lanes headed east. I was the driver of the other vehicle and saw the headlights coming at me, shifting and weaving like chasing a snake. With each car going 65 miles per hour, the cars reached the point of impact in only a second or two. I survived with only a back injury, several stitches and a few post-traumatic stress symptoms. I think of this incident with gratitude that I lived. This event didn’t destroy me, it defined me. 

Now It’s Gravy Over the Top 

After surviving a head-on collision, I still see every day as an extra day, a gift. Traumatic hardships and near-death events can be leveraged into greatness and spun into life-long gratitude. I have become me, the way I am, because of what I have gone through, and in spite of what I have gone through. These difficult events shape our character and define our future. We can use every significant event we have endured to become stronger and make a major contribution to others. Although, I wouldn’t wish a head-on collision on anyone, I don’t look back with any resentment either. Instead, every day is now, gravy over the top. 

Recovery is a Journey. Enjoy the Ride!