Specialized Interventions are Necessary

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Specialized Interventions are Necessary

The Need for Specialized Interventions 

Chronic drug and alcohol use and abuse can cause physiological and neurological damage. It can compromise intellectual functioning and reduce judgment, insight, reasoning, and processing ability. Memory may be impaired and mental processing speed is lowered. The ability to focus, concentrate, and sustain attention may be diminished. Many other factors, including withdrawal effects, sleep-deprivation, chemical imbalance, ADHD, anxiety, depression, thought disorders, nutritional deficiencies, detoxification complications, and increased stress levels further compromise the ability to reason. In addition, abstract reasoning is much more difficult. 

Now What? 

For clients suffering from these conditions, concrete and practical materials may be the most helpful. This is not meant as a harsh judgment, but rather a compassionate understanding of intervention requirements. Our secret to working with the complexities of co-occurring disorders is to avoid complex interventions and to instead make them simpler and more effective. We provide practical solutions that are easy to understand, process, and apply. 

Interventions that Work 

Having a working knowledge of the common mental health disorders and how they are affected by substance use is essential. Additionally, specialized training in the treatment of co-occurring disorders is also crucial. Our treatment programs use our own specially designed co-occurring treatment materials. These resources are designed to be simple to use, improve retention, maximize impact, increase motivation, and establish mastery. We believe that good treatment requires good resources. 

Recovery is a Journey. Enjoy the Ride!