Mom reading book with child on her lap

Reallocating Time

Someone recently told me to take some time off. For me, the daily grind has a way of piling up unimportant pieces and polluting and diluting the significant aspects of life. Trying to do too much, with too little time and energy, is a popular recipe for burnout. Taking time off seems like a good suggestion at first glance, as though I would trade activity and busyness for doing nothing. But what is really called for is a reallocation of time and a re-distribution of responsibilities.

Purposeful Restructuring of Time

Rather than taking time doing nothing, reallocation means using your time differently. Resting, relaxing, recreation, and being engaged in creative activities are all meaningful. Meditation, prayer, solitude, and contemplation serve as substitutes for chaos, action, and commotion. The purposeful restructuring of your life can bring the restoration you need. Rather than being mindless, seek to be intentional and thoughtful in the reallocation of your time. Doing nothing is not as valuable as reorganizing what you do and restructuring how you do it.

A Strong Recovery

The rearrangement of your time is a privilege that comes with your recovery program. With recovery, often comes extended life. What a wonderful gift. Whether resting, working, relaxing, or engaged, take every opportunity to reallocate your time, enjoy your life, and strengthen your recovery.

Recovery is a journey. Enjoy the ride!