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Positive Thinking that Works

When Thinking Becomes Distorted 

It is important to examine your thoughts and beliefs, positive and negative, and how they influence your feelings and actions. When a thought is negative and pessimistic, it may lead to worrisome and depressive feelings, and careless or poorly planned actions. Negative thoughts include distortions, inaccurate exaggerations, irrelevant thoughts, misperceptions, doubts, deceptions, and lies you tell yourself. Thoughts, feelings, and beliefs often become confused and distorted, especially in substance use disorders, depression and anxiety. Confused thoughts and inaccurate beliefs lead to compromised actions. If you want to change the way you feel or act, you must change the way you think. 

Change is Possible 

Emotional health and healing can and do occur. To become emotionally stable and healthy, it is necessary to change how you think and what you believe. The place to start is to accept the fact that change is possible. Failure to believe this simple truth will keep you stuck and unable to move forward. Accepting where you are, and linking it to your refusal to stay there, becomes a promising foundation to begin your journey of change. As you make changes, small and large, your emotional health and healing will gain momentum. The changes you make become an inspiration for further growth in yourself and encouragement for others. 

Creating A Solid Foundation 

The foundation of change is a change in your thinking. If you think the same as you always have, you will stay the same. The whole idea of self-development is to feel or behave differently, which means you must make changes in the way you think and believe. You can change your mood, attitude, disposition, and destiny, one thought at a time. 

Recovery is a Journey. Enjoy the Ride!