Never Give up

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Never Give up

Making a Positive Choice 

Life is filled with choices and is often guided by our own beliefs and thoughts. We are always moving in the direction of the way we think and speak. If you think and speak negatively, you are likely moving in a negative direction. But if you think and speak more positively you will ultimately move in a more positive direction. I use this list below to help clients renew their commitment to change their viewpoint and their future. 

Examine the list below and choose several items that express your renewed commitment to change yourself and your situation. 

  • I am learning how to set boundaries and limits 
  • I am learning who I can trust 
  • I can control my own mood, attitude, and disposition 
  • I can focus on what I have, not what I have lost 
  • I am willing to work on myself 
  • My value and worth is not dependent on the approval of others 
  • I can solve problems 
  • I can make good choices 
  • I am choosing to make changes 
  • Although difficult, this situation is not impossible 
  • I am making progress 
  • I can let others experience the consequences of their own behavior and choices 
  • I can love and support someone without fixing their problems 
  • I know what I am willing give 
  • I can reach out to others for help and support 
  • I can take care of myself physically and emotionally 
  • I am willing to endure short-term discomfort to achieve a stronger long-term relationship 
  • I am learning how to manage co-dependent relationships 
  • I am valuable 
  • Enduring this will make me stronger 
  • I am an overcomer 

Moving Forward with Hope 

Even though the sting of addiction can be severe for family members, loved ones, and the client, there is hope. Healing and long-term recovery are possible. Treatment can reduce symptoms and prevent relapse. Over time you will again see restored relationships, personal growth, and renewed hope for the future. 

Recovery is a Journey. Enjoy the Ride!