Magnifying the Negative

Magnifying the Negative

Wow. That’s Huge!  

If you hold a magnifying glass over an object, the item appears bigger. Obviously, the object isn’t any larger, it merely appears that way. If you hold a magnifying glass over a defect, the flaw looks larger. But you and I know, it’s not. Too often, people use a magnifying glass while examining their own defects, faults, and mistakes, nevertheless, magnifying something doesn’t make the object bigger, it only makes it appear bigger. In the case of magnifying flaws, making them larger implies that they are extremely important, more sinister, and more menacing. Bigger is translated as crucial and urgent.  

Self Dis-Service  

When people criticize you, point out your faults and shame you, they teach you the script and hand you a magnifying glass. With the formula for self-criticism in one hand, and a magnifying glass in the other, ruthless, exaggerated fault-finding soon becomes a service we supply for ourselves. This critical self-examination begins with the contaminated premise that I’m defective, and magnified flaws are used as proof. The good news is we can reprogram our minds with positive thoughts and affirmations. We do not need to be products of a miserable past or the tainted misperceptions of others.  

Magnifying the Positive  

Progress in recovery is based on honesty. I can acknowledge my past without exaggeration or twisted judgment and self-hatred. I don’t want to filter this present moment through failures and inadequacies of the past. Although my past is imperfect, magnifying mistakes brings condemnation and defeat. I can be forgiven, and I can forgive myself. I can have a fresh start and a fulfilling future. Hope is built on the belief that good things await me on the road ahead, even though the trail behind me is littered with evidence of past mistakes. Disregard the script handed to you by the naysayers in your life. Grab the magnifying glass and examine your positive attributes, characteristics, and personality traits. Perhaps your traits include that you are respectful, persevering, generous, creative, and responsible. Magnifying the positive produces confidence that long-term recovery is possible and creates the inspiration to make it happen.  

Recovery is a Journey. Enjoy the Ride!