Living in the Present Moment

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Living in the Present Moment

It’s easy to be distracted and lose sight of what’s important. When that happens, it is common to rationalize and excuse the missteps of inattention. “This is really important. Anyone would worry about this.” Don’t rationalize your worries. Don’t defend your distractions. Don’t mentally wander aimlessly into someone else’s backyard. Keep your mind focused on what you can control. 

Stay Grateful

Being able to stay in the present moment helps you enjoy your surroundings. This is a skill worth developing. It is impossible to fully appreciate the world around you or the people within it if your mind is taking trips into the frightening future or visiting graveyards of the ruined past. Being bitter about what has gone wrong in life is a huge distraction. Remind yourself to be grateful for what you have, rather than constantly reviewing what you don’t have or what you’ve recently lost. Develop the habit of writing a gratitude list and speak it out loud when you can. Reminding yourself what you’re thankful for limits unproductive mental side trips into resentment and keeps you in a positive state of mind. 

Stay Present

When you start to get scattered, pull yourself back to the present. Watch for the nasty competitors of your focus-those mind-bending distractions that worm their way into you’re your conscious thoughts. Accomplishing your goals in recovery is always difficult but becomes almost impossible when your attention is divided. When our concentration is broken or fragmented, we lose the joy and beauty of the present moment. Stay in touch with where you are right now and focus your energy toward making the most of the present. 

Recovery is a Journey. Enjoy the Ride!