Handling Holiday Pressures

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Handling Holiday Pressures

A Time to Celebrate 

Holiday celebrations can be much-loved occasions, filled with family, friends, and fun. They often come with laughter, family time, parties, music, gifts, the joy of childhood, vacations, and much more. They can also be stressful and marked by family conflict, alcohol and drug temptations, financial stress, time crunches, and a host of other challenges. The holidays can be enjoyed, and your recovery protected when you know the challenges, plan ahead, and establish necessary boundaries. 

The Perfect Storm of Stress 

As children, many of us looked forward to the holiday season with great excitement and anticipation. However, as we grow older, the excitement seems to fade. Instead, the holidays seem to bring together all of the factors that cause us the most stress: 

  • Time constraints 
  • Financial stress 
  • Family obligations and expectations 
  • Drug and alcohol expectations and temptations 
  • Family conflict 
  • Emotional and relational disappointments 
  • Reminders of past losses 
  • Increased anxiety and depression 

Preparing for the Challenge 

For people struggling with drug and alcohol use and abuse, these issues can be even more troublesome. All the emotion associated with food and alcohol can be magnified. Pairing those heightened emotions with time constraints, financial problems, and family stress can be overwhelming. The good news is because you can anticipate this stress, you can also prepare for it. Tomorrow I’ll explain some positive steps you can take to be ready to face these challenges and still enjoy the celebrations ahead. 

Recovery is a Journey. Enjoy the Ride!