Good Treatment Requires Good Resources

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Good Treatment Requires Good Resources

Substance misuse and abuse can occur at any age, however the majority of those with substance use problems started using drugs and alcohol during adolescence and developed a substance use disorder by the age of 20-25. Because brain development is not completed until the age of 23-25 the effects of substances on cognition is greatly magnified. 

Complex Problems 

Chronic drug and alcohol use and abuse can cause physiological and neurological damage. Furthermore, withdrawal effects, sleep deprivation, chemical imbalance, ADHD, anxiety, depression, traumatic experiences, thought disorders, nutritional deficiencies, detoxification complications, and increased stress levels all further compromise a client’s reasoning abilities. Because of these difficulties, concrete and practical materials are required. 

Designing Resources 

Journey to Recovery materials are designed with five major purposes in mind. These are Simplify Use, Improve Retention, Maximize Impact, Increase Motivation, and Establish Mastery. Materials designed with these purposes in mind, make your treatment interventions of substance use or co-occurring disorders more effective. 

Simpler is Better 

Because the treatment for substance use and co-occurring disorders is exceedingly multifaceted, specialized resources are required. Our secret to working with the complications of COD was not to make the interventions more complex but rather make the interventions simpler. We’ve created materials that are easier to comprehend, more concrete, and generate more discussion: all to bring doable mastery to recovery. Materials are relevant and practical. The client ready lessons, handouts, and worksheets are designed to be relatable and engaging with checklists, colored text, pictures and graphics. This user-friendly layout helps clients stay with the material, absorb more and retain the information longer. Remember: good resources are necessary for good treatment. 

Recovery is a journey. Enjoy the Ride!