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Going Far

If You Want to Go Far 

There is an adage that says “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” This profound statement is never truer than it is in a substance use treatment program. People entering treatment for alcohol and drug addiction are often coming from environments that allow, and even encourage, their addictive patterns. Frequently, clients do not have good emotional, spiritual, or relational support. They have very few people in their network who support their recovery or appreciate the efforts they are making to change their lifestyle. Consequently, it is essential to establish a vibrant support system if you want to go far in your recovery. 

The Value of Support 

A good support network plays a wide variety of important roles in establishing and maintaining your recovery. A well-functioning network gives useful information, offers advice, and understands your personal struggles. Many people value the friendship and camaraderie found in support groups and thrive on the accountability and structure offered. Higher levels of motivation for long-term recovery are easier to achieve and maintain when someone else encourages you in important lifestyle changes. 

Get Connected 

It is a common practice to think “I can do this on my own.” Others who value the help of others, often run out of time and end up neglecting their friends who support recovery. It certainly can be difficult to find people who have common interests and time available. The goal is to expand your network, so you have four or five contacts to support your recovery program. Don’t miss out; connection and fellowship can help you go far in your recovery. 

Recovery is a journey. Enjoy the Ride!