Fundamental Life Skills – Frustration Tolerance

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Fundamental Life Skills – Frustration Tolerance

Throughout life we are often irritated by people, annoyed by delays, and frustrated when things do not go our way. We too often display our irritation and live our lives almost constantly upset. Being frustrated from time to time is common and a fact of life. Everyone gets frustrated; however, low frustration tolerance is having oversized and extreme reactions to normal inconveniences of everyday life. 

The Problem with Low Frustration Tolerance 

People with low frustration tolerance often overreact and fall apart when their goals and desires are blocked. Even small interruptions seem to pull the worst attitudes from them. Difficult situations are viewed as dreadful, unbearable, and horrendous. Many people use short-term methods such as alcohol, drugs, over-eating, shopping, gambling, sex and other distractions to reduce or cope with their pain. Having a low frustration tolerance is a key factor in the development of addictions and increasing tolerance to difficult circumstances is a fundamental life skill that is foundational to successful recovery. 

Increasing Your Frustration Tolerance 

Frustration tolerance can be developed through changing the way you think. Offenses can be pardoned, inconsistencies tolerated, oversights forgiven, and faults and mistakes overlooked. You must accept responsibility for your attitudes and actions. Patiently enduring current irritations and annoyances increases future recovery success. 

Practice Makes Progress 

To increase frustration tolerance, some practice will be helpful. Consider driving in the slowest lane or let someone go ahead of you in the checkout line. Practice managing your own level of frustration without being inconsiderate, rude, or sarcastic. Tolerating irritations of life may not always help you get what you want but it will strengthen your recovery. 

Recovery is a Journey. Enjoy the Ride!