Festering Wounds

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Festering Wounds

Years ago, I had a finger that began to throb. It turned pink and ugly and was highly sensitive to even the slightest bump. This extreme sensitivity did not occur because I was weak or unable to handle pain. I was not distorting or faking the intense, uncomfortable, and painful feelings. This reaction occurred because the finger was infected. 

Emotional Infections

I believe people who have been wounded in the past often carry emotional infections—not external wounds, but internal and emotional wounds that have gone unhealed and have been allowed to fester. These emotional injuries are caused by sudden losses, maltreatment, rejection, disapproval, prejudice, condemnation, and unfair treatment of all types. 

Sensitivity and Over Reactions

Once that occurs, it may result in an over-reactivity to even the slightest bumping. Mistakes, hurts, and slights are filtered through painful experiences of the past. The original wound and the original wounder – the person who inflicted the wound – get mixed up with present-day events and present-day people. The wound is made ten times worse when infection sets in. 

Change the Future

The wound cannot be undone, but it’s the infection which must be contained. The past cannot be changed, but perceptions can be altered. Good wound care speeds healing and eliminates infection. Rather than be bitter, angry, and resentful about what happened, we can change the way we think, prevent further infection and move forward in health and healing.

Recovery is a Journey. Enjoy the Ride!