Feeling Confident

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Feeling Confident

I Can’t Decide 

When making decisions you might notice you are more unsure, insecure, and hesitant than you want to be. Being filled with doubt can make life much more difficult. You might struggle with making decisions about social relationships, making purchases, choosing schools, selecting a career, finding a partner, initiating intimacy, planning your future, and more. Some people put off decision-making until the matter becomes urgent or a crisis. Other people too easily accept the opinion or decisions of others, agree too quickly, or are forced to comply with the wishes of other people. If you are filled with doubt, decisions are sometimes put off indefinitely. Procrastination often increases anxiety and opportunities can be lost because of indecision. 

Feeling Confident 

Being confident in yourself is important in improving your overall emotional health and takes time to develop. Identifying the doubts you face is only the first step. A way to gain significant strength and increase self-reliance is to regularly review and practice confidence-building statements. Review the following statements and choose some that speak to you. 

· I’m learning to be more confident. 

· Although I have flaws, I like who I am and who I am becoming. 

· I’m becoming more diligent and persistent, even when things are difficult. 

· My opinions are valuable. 

· I’m able to stick to a plan even when obstacles arise. 

· I’m consistent, reliable, and trustworthy. 

· I’m determined to be emotionally strong and healthy. 

· I’m learning who I can trust to be there for me. 

· I trust myself and my abilities. 

Managing Uncertainty 

When you make a decision, doubt may creep back in, and you may wonder if you made the right choice. Decisions are often difficult if there is no solid right or wrong answer for the question or situation. An uncertain choice can lead to doubt and indecision. You may need to decide, even though you anticipate several complications with your plan. Remember, you can’t eliminate all problems, gather all the information, or make perfect decisions. With practice, you can better tolerate the frustration that comes from being mildly unsure or a little confused. 

Recovery is a Journey. Enjoy the Ride!