Embrace Another Chance

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Embrace Another Chance

Embrace Another Chance 

Clients with co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders often arrive at a treatment center feeling discouraged. Mistakes and failures of the past are a primary motivator for seeking help. Past difficulties can interfere with the present moment. Previous relapse and failed treatment programs can add additional layers of discouragement. We often see someone with a methamphetamine or heroin addiction who has had 5-10 previous substance abuse treatments and has been in jail or prison several times. Their stories include losing money, time, jobs, educational opportunities, relationships, trust, self-respect, confidence, and hope. 

Never Give Up 

Discouragement wants to grind you down. It can easily sour your attitude and cripple your resolve. Don’t give up and don’t let up. In the group programs that I conduct, the clients review several things they are grateful for. This attitude of gratitude reverses discouragement and inspires hope. Many clients say they are grateful for a second chance. I remind them that most of us have burned through the second chance, long ago. Be grateful for another chance. If you fall again-get up again. 

Building Hope For the Future 

Hope for the future is encouraged as you think positively and realistically about yourself. Changing how you view yourself and talk about yourself will increase your confidence and improve your self-esteem. Hope is often sparked by being creative, making a contribution, or sharing a talent with others. Our treatment programs are designed to develop hope, inspire motivation and encourage change. You can leave the past mistakes, inadequacies, and failures behind, boldly and confidently embracing another chance. 

Recovery is a Journey. Enjoy the Ride!