Developing Inspiring Self-Talk

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Developing Inspiring Self-Talk

Self-Talk That Inspires Hope 

We continually move in the direction of how we think and what we speak. This is true of how we think and speak about ourselves as well. Thinking negatively about yourself will lead you to talk negatively about yourself. But if you speak positively, you will move more confidently in a positive direction. Mark the positive statements below that you can use to help you feel more hopeful and confident. 

  • I have made a little progress lately 
  • I am valuable, talented, and worthwhile 
  • I am getting better 
  • I have good people around me to help 
  • I can make positive contributions to others 
  • I have some good ideas 
  • My life has meaning and what I do matters 
  • I am becoming more positive 
  • I am learning how to deal with failures and setbacks 
  • I have a hopeful attitude 
  • I am getting stronger 
  • I look forward to better days ahead 
  • Things are beginning to go my way 
  • I am growing in wisdom 
  • I have good opportunities in front of me 
  • A few things I am trying seem to be making a difference 

Strategies to Build Hope 

Hope for the future is encouraged as you think positively and realistically about yourself. Changing the way you view yourself and developing positive self-talk will increase confidence in your abilities and improve self-esteem. Find things that help you know you are making progress on your recovery journey. Hope is often sparked by being creative, making a contribution, or sharing a talent with others. Many things in life inspire us to keep moving forward. Finding your inspirational motivators will help you keep going. 

Recovery is a Journey. Enjoy the Ride!