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Creative Energy Restored

The Divided Mind
Whenever I am trying to do two things at once, I struggle with doing either of them well. To be anxious is to be of two minds or to have a divided mind. When you are upset, worried, or stressed your creative energy is split and problem-solving ability is compromised. Anxiety disorders, depression, substance abuse, ADHD and other mental health problems diminish your focus and reduce your creativity. When I complete some enormous project and my stress level plummets, I have found my thinking to be clearer and my concentration ability returns to normal levels.

The Paralyzed Mind
When your mind is filled with a thousand worries and your task list is jammed, you may feel emotionally and physically drained. Your judgment may be weakened, and insight may be poor. As stress continues to mount, you may be unable to sort or navigate multiple variables. Constant high levels of mental stress can cause a paralysis of the mind. You may feel stuck, unable to make simple decisions or accomplish the easiest of tasks.

The Creative Mind
Your recovery program demands singularity of purpose. Being successful requires consistent inspiration and a sharp mind. Your newly restored creativity is a monumental asset in recovery. It harnesses the wisdom you need to identify the triggers and temptations that lurk in dark places. To stay on track, you must have a one-track mind and you must ruthlessly limit your distractions. Too much stress or mental chaos divides your creative energy and will weaken your commitment to sobriety.

Be specific in planning your recovery. Outline what you are going to achieve by working your plan such as restoring a relationship or getting stable housing and a good job. To keep your goal in the forefront and to keep your motivation levels high, use pictures, lists, and the accountability of others. Because most people are eager to dodge discomfort, you must be persistent, resisting the urge to procrastinate. Stay focused and creative – your inspired life of recovery is just ahead.

Recovery is a journey. Enjoy the ride!