Finding Life-Changing Recovery that Works

compass on the golden sand by the sea
compass on the golden sand by the sea

Finding Life-Changing Recovery that Works

Journey to Recovery is a resource site for treatment centers, clinicians, and for those in need of help and healing. Our goal is to supply easy to use, user friendly, and inspiring recovery resources. In keeping with that goal, we have just released Destinations: Finding life-changing recovery that works. This manual contains 42 chapters that target co-occurring disorder issues from a positive, clinical, yet inspiring perspective.

Being Different Makes a Difference

Many of the addiction treatment material on the market today approach treatment in a sequential manner. What that means is addiction and mental health issues are handled separately by separate clinics, or providers, at separate times. The Destinations material is fully integrated – addressing and treating co-occurring disorders simultaneously.  As you know, the complexities of co-occurring disorders require careful planning, specialized knowledge, and strategic application of treatment materials in order to make a difference.

Designed with a Purpose

The Destination manual is designed with the same five purposes as all of our materials.

Simplify Use: Destinations is designed to be simple to use for both the clinician who is teaching the material and the client who is learning it.

Improve Retention: Secondly, the design features of Destinations are engaging, attractive, and appealing. The longer someone stays with material, the more likely they are to remember it and be able to recall it later.

Maximize Impact: Third, this material is designed to get to the heart of substance use and mental health disorders. It targets specific, common disorders such as anxiety, depression, and bipolar illness that often accompany substance use disorders.

Increase Motivation: Destinations is hope-filled and inspiring. Readers feel like they fit-in, belong, and are understood. Every chapter moves the reader forward with confidence and hope that life-long recovery lies ahead.

Establish Mastery: Finally, as the reader learns and incorporates the material into life, it becomes more than something you learn; you become someone different.


Effective Resources

Destinations presents simple, relevant, and practical solutions for the complexities of co-occurring disorders. It uses a friendly layout, colored pictures, and engaging graphics to sustain the attention of the reader. Checklists, questions, and examples all help clients process this material in a way they can understand and remember it. The content is relatable and engaging. All of these combine to make the material effective in reducing symptoms and preventing relapse.

Proud to be Your Partner

Here at Journey to Recovery, we are proud of the resources we make available and grateful for an opportunity to be a part of the Recovery movement. People with addictions and mental health disorders can and do get better. Together we make a difference.


Recovery is a journey. Enjoy the ride!