Engaging Your Active Mind

Engaging Your Active Mind

Many clients describe a constant avalanche of thoughts that rush into their minds. For those with substance use and mental health disorders there is a lot to think about. Depression and anxiety are accompanied by a continual stream of worries.

Negative Rehearsals

This is not productive thinking. This nagging apprehension does not solve problems or generate answers. Instead, this flight of thoughts darts everywhere, buzzing around like a distracted bumble bee in a fragrant flower garden, tempted by every sweet-smelling option without committing to a single bloom. 

Derail the Train

I frequently tell clients: “You’re capable, competent, and smart!” Your mind wants to work on something. Your mind wants to create a masterpiece, solve problems, remember, reflect, and ponder. If you don’t give it something positive to work on, your mind will default to rehearsing problems and revisiting regrets and failures from the past. Recovery is made possible when you derail the runaway train of negativity. You must substitute unwanted recollections with hopeful plans for the future.

Practice reviewing your positive strengths, attributes, characteristics and interests. As you engage in positive mental activity, negative thoughts weaken and fade and your recovery gains renewed power and strength. 

Recovery is a Journey. Enjoy the Ride!