Essential Elements of Successful Recovery (Part 2)

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Essential Elements of Successful Recovery (Part 2)

This is the second of a two-part series discussing the top ten elements of successful recovery. Each of these principles is an important aspect that will help you achieve the maximum benefit from your efforts and the treatment program of your choice. We have already discussed: Make treatment a choice, make your treatment individualized, changing the way you think will change the way you feel and behave, make lifestyle changes to prevents relapse, and embrace another chance.

Substance abuse treatment is often a monumental decision that can make an enormous difference in the length and quality of your life. Once this life-changing decision has been made, it is important to get the most out of your treatment experiences and your diligent efforts. This blog will help you stay motivated in your long-term recovery efforts. Applying the following foundational elements will give you the best chance to obtain long-lasting and satisfying recovery.

Use What You Need

Treatment programs and philosophies of treatment often vary greatly. Most programs utilize discussions, various topics, exercises, handouts, and worksheets. Not all of these will apply to you. Metaphorically speaking, using these various parts of a treatment program is like being served at a buffet table.

Not all of the foods at the buffet would appeal to you, and you certainly would not eat it all. Choose what you prefer, utilize what works for you, and leave the rest for others. Make efforts to maintain a good attitude even when you have seen similar material or heard certain concepts before. Being open and willing to listen is probably more important than the content itself. Learn, digest, and apply what you can.

Attitude Determines Success 

In recovery, having a positive, cooperative, can-do attitude can make an enormous difference. There are, however, many attitudes that can make recovery even more difficult. Having a negative, defeated attitude can sabotage your progress in treatment. Additionally, it can affect the people around you. Your disposition can encourage others or drag them down. Changing your outlook and mindset is a foundational part of building your recovery. You will get the most out of your treatment program as you alter your attitude, change your direction, strengthen your recovery, and become the person you desire to be.

Develop Positive Momentum

You probably noticed throughout your life that most people are interested, engaged, and involved at the beginning of a new process or project. As time wears on, motivation, enthusiasm, and energy may wear thin. When you start to feel this, and even before, it becomes paramount to keep your zeal for recovery at high levels. You can use your past successes as reinforcement to continue and to practice lifestyle changes. You can be successful, overcome obstacles, renew your passion, stay connected to positive people, make great progress, and sustain long term recovery. By meeting together in a group and by diligently working your recovery program, you can sustain lasting, positive momentum.

Receive From Others

Working together in a group can be very helpful in maintaining sobriety. A treatment program is a safe place to get support and discuss challenges as they arise. Other people in the group provide creative challenges, stimulating ideas, and emotional support. As you participate in your treatment program, allow yourself to receive comments and guidance from those who have experienced similar struggles or situations.

Help Another Person Achieve Recovery Success

As you move through your recovery process, you will receive a great deal of advice, guidance, and information from others. It will also help you in your recovery to give feedback and address the concerns of fellow group members. Remember, you are not only receiving when others give to you, you are also receiving as you give to others. Generously and compassionately giving to others will enrich your life and enhance your recovery.


Recovery is a journey. Enjoy the ride!