Good Treatment Requires Good Resources

Substance misuse and abuse can occur at any age, however the majority of those with substance use problems started using substances during adolescence and developed a substance use disorder by the age of 20-25. Because brain development...


Rewriting Your Script

If you were acting in a play, your behavior and lines would be directed by the script. In life, too, you are acting and speaking according to pre-written scripts. We often feel and act in strict accordance with how we see ourselves. If you see yourself...


Living Responsibly in the Moment

Today, October 10, 2017 is World Mental Health Day. People in our country and around the world are acknowledging the stark reality that almost everyone is directly or indirectly affected by mental health issues. One in every five people in...


Good Programming Requires Good Resources

Co-occurring disorders (COD) are extraordinarily complex. To be effective, treatment programs and interventions must specifically target and treat both substance use and mental health disorders at the same time. The most effective treatment is...


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